Our current top 20

1. The 1981 anti-tour protests and their lessons for today
2. Greater even than Rugby – the 1981 Springbok Tour protests
3. The Marxist theory of social change
4. How capitalist ideology works
5. The secret history of WW2 in New Zealand
6. Gallipoli invasion: a dirty and bloody business
7. Behind the 1951 waterfront lockout
8. Class, gender, the 1960s and Made in Dagenham
9. Lenin’s theory of imperialism
10. Vicious state-media assault on Victorian firefighters
11. Christchurch firefighters angry that five years on not a single fire station rebuilt
12. Fidel Castro speech on death of Che Guevara
13. Whatever happened to the leisure society?
14. Terry Eagleton on Intellectuals v Academics
15. Marxism and the Iranian revolution
16. Progressive singer-songwriter David Rovics banned by New Zealand Immigration
17. Samoa: what New Zealand did
18. The legacy of Che
19. Trans ideology is bollocks
20. Depriving Samoans of immigration and citizenship rights