Auckland solidarity with Palestinians

by Daphna Whitmore

Several hundred people turned out yesterday in Auckland to rally in solidarity with the people of Gaza. The vicious response of the Israeli army to the mass demonstrations at the Gaza prison fence has created a sense of urgency  that the situation demands action. The rally turned into a spontaneous march to the US Consulate.

Auckland solidarity march with Gaza

Speakers called for boycotts and divestment and noted the NZ Super Fund is still investing public money in companies that finance the Israeli regime. MikeTreen from Unite union spoke of a CTU resolution ten years ago to support the Palestinian struggle. He called for action on that resolution. Tali Williams the Retail secretary from First Union spoke of her experiences visiting Gaza and seeing the extent of the deprivation first hand.

Dr Ramzy Baroud at the Auckland Gaza solidarity rally

Palestinian author and journalist Dr Ramzy Baroud gave a strong message that Palestinians are not victims they are very resilient people. Those at the Gaza fence are being victimised but they haven’t internalised their victimhood they are still very assertive confident people who will continue to fight until they obtain their freedom. Born in Gaza and raised in Al Nuseirat Refugee Camp he is touring to promote his new book, The Last Earth: A Palestinian Story. Hear him interviewed here on Kim Hill’s radio show .


  1. Yay, Auckland! Was Jacinda or any of her revolutionary MPs among those several hundred? I couldn’t spot her in the crowd – but maybe that was her at the back in the grey beanie and the white sneakers.

    • No, not an MP for miles! Someone told me Golriz wanted to come but there was a Green Party retreat that day that was planned well beforehand.

      • At the end of the day, and usually the beginning as well, MPs have “better” things to do than to attend protests. But when Palestinian solidarity finally becomes as big as the anti-apartheid movement, they’ll ben pushing and shoving to get good photo opps.

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