Ahmad Abdullah Abdullah al-Adaini, 1981-2018

by Susanne Kemp

It’s always problematic to point to this or that particular individual in the context of a massacre by state forces.  All lives lost are to be mourned – and we should get angry about all of them.

But in the case of the latest murder spree by the Israeli state, I want to mention Ahmad Abdullah Abdullah al-Adaini, a Palestinian Marxist and activist in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.  This comrade was murdered while participating in the right-of-return protest near the al-Bureij refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.

Comrade Ahmad was born in the Gaza Strip in 1981 and later studied in Yemen.  Due to his studies and his English-language proficiency, Ahmad could have chosen a safer and softer option and migrated to some other part of the world.  But he chose to live and work in Gaza, for the liberation of his people and put his skills at the disposal of the struggle.

He worked in a number of voluntary organisations, especially during the 2014 Israeli assualt on the people of Gaza, and became a leading figure in the PFLP in his local area.  He also used his English language skills to expose the realities of Zionist/Israeli oppression of the Palestinians and articulate the needs of the oppressed.

The PFLP records, “he never left the field and especially the march for return, carrying high the banner of its goals and advancing with his comrades until his death.”  He lived according to the principle, “If you are not involved, there is no value to your educated thoughts.”  His was the “path of all free intellectuals.”