Our 500,000th view

At the top of our list of most-viewed articles are two on the anti-tour protests of 1981; each of them has had over 18,000 views

We began Redline in June 2011, so we’ve been going just under seven years.

Not long before midnight last night, Wednesday, May 16, the blog had its 500,000th view.

Not much compared with the big, well-funded right-wing blogs in this country, but not bad for a modest little unfunded/unresourced Marxist blog at the arse-end of the world.  Not to mention being based in one of the most apolitical countries in the world with one of the most passive populations anywhere on the planet.

Moreover, people who come to Redline don’t stumble on it by mistake, scroll down the home page and leave.  The vast majority of people come to read specific articles and the big bulk of people who do this read more than one article.

Of our now 500,000-plus views, 117,623 have been on the home page.

Since we first announced the blog on June 11, 2011, we’ve put up 1,832 posts in 239 categories.

By far our largest chunk of readers are in New Zealand, but views from NZ make up just under half our total views.  The blog is also read by people all over the world.

The top ten countries from which we have drawn readers are New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, India, Germany, Ireland, France and South Africa.  (NB:  The ‘UK’, of course, includes the north of Ireland, while ‘Ireland’ only includes 26 counties, so the total for Ireland should be higher and there should be a Britain with a lower total than the ‘UK’.)

Interestingly, we’ve had over 2,000 views from Tanzania.  On the other hand, only 1 from the Aland Islands.

Our most-viewed articles are a mix of NZ history, Marxist theory, class and anti-imperialist struggles elsewhere and news stories from here.  In terms of union issues and struggles in NZ, firefighters in particular have been a consistent part of our readership.  Firefighter stories have also drawn readers from Australia, Britain and Canada.

Here’s a selection of our most-viewed articles, ones with over 1,200 views.

The 1981 anti-tour protests and their lessons for today        18,380 views
Greater even than Rugby – the 1981 Springbok Tour protests    18,136
The Marxist theory of social change  13,425
How capitalist ideology works  7,929
The secret history of WW2 in New Zealand  6,091
Gallipoli invasion: a dirty and bloody business  5,244
Behind the 1951 waterfront lockout  4,341
Class, gender, the 1960s and Made in Dagenham  3,415
Vicious state-media assault on Victorian firefighters   3,114
Christchurch firefighters angry that five years on not a single fire station rebuilt 2,941
Lenin’s theory of imperialism  2,578
Whatever happened to the leisure society?  2,534
Terry Eagleton on Intellectuals v Academics  2,271
Progressive singer-songwriter David Rovics banned by New Zealand Immigration 2,249
Samoa: what New Zealand did  2,058
Marxism and the Iranian revolution 2,050
Depriving Samoans of immigration and citizenship rights  1,876
Terry Eagleton on the death agony of universities  1,850
The legacy of Che  1,802
Pensions and the retirement age: the problem is capitalism, not an aging population  1,705
On the 25th anniversary of homosexual law reform: gay liberation or crumbs from parliament? 1,692
Creepy old Gandhi: demystifying the Mahatma   1,692
Interview with John Smith, author of Imperialism in the twenty-first century   1,539
Firefighters’ coverage on Redline   1,429
The Korean War: what really happened?   1,351
The Pacific War, racism and Hiroshima   1,338
Small win for firefighters  1,324
Is there a two-state solution to Israel-Palestinian conflict?   1,321
2.7% rise for the firefighters; 70% for their boss  1,314
Zero Dark Thirty: a CIA snuff movie  1,312
South Auckland misunderstood  1,303
Firefighters blast new Fire and Emergency organisation legislation  1,233



  1. Congratulations and well-done guys. We are so proud of you here in NZ where capitalism is sucking our blood and we don’t even have the means to warm our houses. Reading this blog gives me hope in this hopeless country.

  2. Congratulations! Such news is heartening. The number of blog posts is amazing and speaks of dedication to defending and disseminating Marxist analysis. Forward to a million!

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