All I want for Christmas. . .

Posted: December 17, 2017 by Admin in Life


Education for anti-capitalists:



  1. Phil F says:

    You can do quite a bit if you have the means of production. Wipe out all poverty, not just reduce ‘child poverty’. Everyone can have jobs which give them some degree of fulfilment as well as enough in pay or chits to have a really good standard of living while working less than a 40-hour week. That’s just for starters.

  2. Don Franks says:

    My old stove was just about had it and I got a new one at a sale. They delivered an appliance that only works on bottled gas, result was no stove for five days while the issue got sorted. Being a person who loves doing stuff in the kitchen it was a mild form or torture having no oven or hot plates, even for a short time. Yeah, first world problem but losing some means of production when you are totally used to it can loom large. Maybe that’s why the bosses are so keen to hang on to theirs…