Marching for Jacinda 

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by Don Franks

Wasn’t it cool to see our Kiwi prime minister give that arsehole Trump some cheek when they met in Vietnam last week?

“Nobody marched when I was elected” Jacinda quipped on being introduced to the most marched against US president in recent times.

cinder Well actually, we may need to be marching in Aotearoa, pretty soon.

On arrival back home, the Prime Minister lost no time showing her true stance towards the Trump administration, stating her policy on joining US led war.

Jacinda Ardern told Patrick Gower on Three’s The Nation on Saturday North Korea is “absolutely a genuine and real threat” and New Zealand is ready to play a role if requested.

All options are being explored by the New Zealand Government, Ms Ardern says, but she made it clear military intervention is a definite option, if it had United Nations support.

Anyone with half an eye on recent International events is aware of the “ genuine and real threat” to world peace. Namely, US president Trump’s increasing threats to incinerate North Korea with nuclear weapons.

Its timely to recall US imperialism’s last outing in that region, not so long ago, within my own lifetime.

Almost every city in North Korea was smashed to rubble and its estimated 1.5 million North Korean civilians were killed or wounded.

That was without use of the US nuclear weapons being threatened today.

The plain facts of the current power struggle are these.

America is a declining economic power, threatened by China’s industrial machine, wanting to redress the situation with their superior military might.

To this end, the US want, at seemingly any cost, a totally compliant regime based on China’s borders.

North Korea, is a pawn on the board, because of its strategic geographical position, not because of its globally irrelevant Stalinist regime.

North Korea is a small backward country with an economy more than 600 times smaller than that of the  US.

Compared to the US, North Korea’s military is puny and obsolete.

The overwhelming and horrific threat to world peace in this region is the US leadership and their firepower.

“Do not underestimate us, do not try us,” Trump threatened North Korea, speaking in Seoul on his recent Asian tour.  The US president even boasted of past atrocities. History, he said, was full of “discarded regimes” that had come into conflict with the United States.

Trump clearly signaled that he was prepared to use nuclear weapons against North Korea. Specifically, he drew attention to the three US aircraft carrier battle groups, “loaded to the maximum with F-35 and F-18 jet fighters.” He added: “Nuclear submarines are also appropriately positioned.” American Ohio-class submarines carry a payload of 24 ballistic missiles, each capable of delivering eight separate nuclear warheads.

In face of this American bullyboy bluster, do we hear one single word of serious criticism from New Zealand’s prime minister?

No, Jacinda, we didn’t march in protest when you got elected. Looks like we’ll probably have to before you go.

  1. Daphna Whitmore says:

    Ardern is a bit like Lange in her ability to look better than she actually is. He was able to distract from Labour’s neoliberal economic programme by sprinkling (belated) anti-nuclear star dust.

    Ardern has also adopted Clark’s position of supporting imperialist military adventures if they have the blessing of the UN. We all know that people much prefer to be bombed when the UN says it’s all good.

  2. Don Franks says:

    Yes, she’s a great sales person for the established order.
    Ably assisted by NZ mainstream media, who highlight the ‘trying all other options before committing troops” part of the governments message. And accepting, without question,the concept of North Korea being the danger, despite the USA’s long history of brutal military invasions and the Trump administration’s present belligerent stance.
    Underneath the tinsel, New Zealand is politically sick.

  3. Susanne K says:

    Labour has a long record of anti-immigrant (anti-immigrants who aren’t white) – think dawn raids, think the White NZ policy – and a miserable record on refugees and asylum seekers – think Ahmed Zoaui and think this country’s pathetic intake of refugees and asylum seekers. So they use the cheap ploy of looking good by offering to take some of those turned away by Australia but, even then, these would simply be subtracted from the miserable little number NZ sets as its limit.