We are beneficiaries:”I had to ask friends for food parcels”

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Under the 5th Labour government beneficiaries were left in serious poverty following the extreme cuts imposed by the previous National government. Helen Clark refused to reverse the cuts, and Foodbanks grew as more people were unable to cope.

This woman’s story is a reminder that Clark was no champion of women especially those in hardship.Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 6.32.25 PM

A group of artists are continuing the conversation Metiria Turei MP started – demanding a more compassionate social welfare system. They asked artists who have been on a benefit in NZ (DPB, sickness, invalids, jobseeker, whatever) to draw a picture of themselves, and write a couple of sentences next to it about their experiences.

Check out their messages https://www.facebook.com/WeAreBeneficiaries/


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