Serious anti-capitalists – as opposed to people who are merely anti-Tory – don’t have illusions in the Labour Party of today.  But it’s important to understand that today’s Labour Party is the logical development of the Labour Party of earlier days.

Take Labour’s last couple of years of racist campaigning against immigrants, especially those with “Chinese-sounding surnames”.

Labour, in its very first years, was at the forefront of a racist campaign to strengthen the White New Zealand policy directed against impoverished Chinese migrants.  They were keen to make common cause with the Liberal and Reform parties against the Chinese.  In fact, they were even keen to make common cause with Andrew Russell, the head of Massey’s Cossacks against the Chinese.  See: Labour’s racist roots.

While the party’s racism was directed mainly at the Chinese, anti-Semitism was present as well.  The first Labour government, for instance, wanted ‘Aryan’ immigrants rather than Jewish refugees escaping the Nazis.


  1. Barrie says:

    Good to keep reminding people of the real nature of local capitalism’s favourite B-team. Weve just put up an article on immigration which chimes in well on some of the themes you’ve highlighted:

  2. Phil F says:

    Good article, thanks Barrie.