Free Khalida Jarrar. . . again!

by Susanne Kemp

Palestinian revolutionary leader Khalida Jarrar has once again been locked up.  She is the subject of an Israeli administrative detention order, imprisoning her for six months without charge or trial.  Forces from the illegal Israeli occupation on the West Bank raided her home on July 2.  She was then imprisoned by an Israeli occupation military court.

Khalida is a central leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the largest of the secular-left currents among Palestinians and a prominent fighter for women’s rights.  She is also a member of the Palestinian Legislative Assembly.

The latest raid and imprisonment comes just 13 months after her release from a previous round of detention.  She was held for over a year and then released in early June 2016, following an international campaign highlighting her case.  That imprisonment was also without charge or trial.

On the same night as the raid that led to her latest arrest, the occupation forces also targeted Khitam al-Saafin, the chairwoman of the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees and a member of the PFLP.  Khitam has been locked up under a three-month administrative detention order.

Administrative detention is one of the extra-judicial weapons the Israeli state uses on a routine basis against Palestinians.  Like the rest of the extra-judicial arsenal, right up to executions of Palestinian civilians, administrative detention is not an aberration.  This whole arsenal flows perfectly logically from the whole project of the Zionist state, which is to dispossess the Palestinians, drive as many away from Palestine as possible and hold down those remaining to a level where the cost of resistance is extremely high.

It’s not possible to be an anti-capitalist in the First World without active solidarity with the oppressed fighting masses of the Third World.  We need a Palestinian solidarity movement in New Zealand.

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