Ex-firefighter on the Grenfell tragedy

Ex-firefighter Justin Plimmer:

“The one thing that really pissed me off while being a serving firefighter was when the government changed legislation around fire deaths.  If any of those poor people fighting for their lives die in hospital, they will not be counted in the government figures.  Which means that when they say fire deaths are reducing, year on year, they are talking utter bollocks!!!

“They have changed the goal posts to reduce funding in the emergency services.  None of this was ever mentioned in the Commons or the press (surprise!).

“They did, however, decry our ‘golden’ pensions and continually attack us.  Reduced funding, co-responding, station closures and removal of fire engines and fire personnel to name but a few!

“We need a voice, but the propaganda machine continues to whir!!!”

See our interview with former firefighter and current firefighter union organiser Paul Embery on issues facing British firefighters, here.

See also London firefighter organiser’s 2014 warning re consequences of fire station closures and Grenfell Tower fire: residents predicted the disaster



  1. A local resident apparently said to Sky News: “I can’t understand how the government has money to bomb people but not to stop them burning in fires.”

    How fucked up is capitalism?

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