May Day in Havana

Posted: May 3, 2017 by Admin in Cuba, Latin America, Revolutionary figures, Revolutionary organisation, Workers history, Workers' rights
  1. John O'Brien says:

    Not one Rainbow Flag or Gay banner in this Cuba May Day March – not one left wing banner that reflected other than government policy – so this was not a united socialist expression, just more of the same government approved/organized view. It also appears smaller in size than past years in Cuba and was smaller than the U. S. Los Angeles CA May Day march I participated in yesterday.

    • Admin says:

      Well, Havana is the gay capital of the Caribbean and gay rights have massively expanded in Cuba. I’m not sure the fact that there were no rainbow flags on a MayDay march tells us much. Why would there be other left-wing banners too? Cuba is a very different kind of society than the US, so I wouldn’t expect to find the same banners and flags and placards on a Cuban MayDay march. Nor would I think a MayDay march in the USA was somehow the superior one because it had rainbow flags (especially given the bourgeoisification of the US gay movement and ‘gay community’, which has replaced the gay *liberation* movement) and 50 different leftwing sects and cults.

      In NZ, I doubt there was a single MayDay march. I’d be pretty happy if we had a march the size and scope of the Havana one!


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