Labour’s immigrant bashing has a human cost

Posted: April 29, 2017 by Admin in 'Race' and 'difference', Human rights, Labour Party NZ, New Zealand politics, Open Borders/Immigration Controls

The Spinoff has an excellent piece on Labour’s attack on immigrants by Yael Shochat. She’s the owner of the popular Ima Cuisine restaurant in downtown Auckland.

Andrew Little and Jacinta Ardern frequent her restaurant: “You’ve shared my company and enjoyed my most beloved dishes – immigrant food from all over the Jewish diaspora, and Palestinian food, the indigenous cuisine of my country. What are we going to say to each other next time you come in? Are you going to give ‘compliments to the chefs’, half of whom are not welcome here under your immigration policy? Am I welcome here? I certainly don’t feel welcome now that you’ve promised to cut ‘tens of thousands’ of immigrants.”

Yael spells out what it all means: “dog whistles, mostly inaudible messages of demonisation and othering used for political gain. If you are looking for wealthier and ‘more qualified’ migrants, the ‘tens of thousands’ affected will be the most marginalised members of our immigrant communities: the poorer and, let’s face it – the browner …”

  1. Sanctuary says:

    Sod the foreigners, NZ is for the locals first, second and third.

    • Susanne K says:

      Yeh, that’s certainly the Labour message. It’s good to see these racist pigs are getting some serious push-back on this issue. Anyone on the left who calls on workers to vote Labour this election is not really anti-capitalist (or anti-racist, for that matter).

      Shouldn’t the left be picketing these racists? If it was National, the left would be screaming at them.

      A campaign for positive abstention in the elections could make opposition to Labour’s immigration racism a priority and help educate people about the idea of the working class being a global class.

      • KJT says:

        It is racist to say that immigration numbers are stupidly high? Bullshit.

        Highest per capita in the Western world. Pushing up house prices, depressing wages and putting our kids out of work.

        It is not the immigrants fault. It is our greedy right wing Governments. However it cannot continue.
        Fantasy worlds where there is total freedom of movement will just turn New Zealand into Bangladesh.

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