Two PFLP statements on the mass Palestinian hunger strike

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Below is a statement released by the Prison Branch of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine on April 16, Palestine Prisoners’ Day; this was also the day before the mass hunger strike began: 

Palestinian Prisoners’ Day is a day of challenge and confrontation, emphasizing the issue of prisoners

On the occasion of Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, we salute every prisoner, the heroes and heroines of the battles of will and steadfastness, to every flower and cub, to the sick prisoners, administrative detainees and imprisoned leaders, led by the imprisoned General Secretary, Comrade Ahmad Sa’adat, Marwan Barghouthi, Hassan Salameh, Wajdi Jawdat, Anas Jaradat, Bassam Kandaji and the long line of leaders who represent the national struggle and the prisoners’ cause.

On this occasion, we make a particular salute to the martyrs of the prisoners movement and to all of those engaged in confrontation and the struggle for victory. We are firmly committed to see each battle of confrontation with the Prison Service and its instruments of repression and intelligence agencies as a collective battle. Every action initiated by any faction is all of our battle.
We also congratulate the longest-serving woman prisoner, Lena Jarbouni, on this occasion of her freedom after 15 years in Israeli jails.

In this context, we affirm that we stand hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder in any struggle waged by the prisoners, and we consider the decision to engage in the battle of dignity and honor against the jailer, beginning on Monday, April 17, Palestinian Prisoners’ Day 2017, to be one which we support and which we are part of. This comes in two ways, both through the decisions and guidelines for the comrades to engage in the battle, and through approving a program of support for the strike in all prisons and among our comrades outside.

In this context of high appreciation and support for this battle and all the heroic prisoners who will engage in it, we affirm our continued struggle for the unity of the prisoners’ movement and the escalation of confrontation against the prison administration.

Thus, we call on all the Palestinian people and their supporters and friends around the world to stand side by side with the prisoners in their continuing battles inside the prisons, escalating the mass movement to support the battle of wills, challenge and confrontation, and to once again reaffirm the centrality of the cause of the prisoners.

We also call upon all human rights, humanitarian and media institutions to support our prisoners in order to develop a unified national program at all levels for more effective results.

We call upon the leaders of the Palestinian people to make unremitting efforts to uphold their responsibility for the prisoners and the martyrs and do everything possible to defend them and support their steadfastness until victory in the ongoing battles against the prison service, through all forms of action for their liberation.

On this occasion, we urge all to close ranks in the field of national unity and urge our Front, all of the national and Islamic forces and factions and the masses of our people to devote their efforts and time in service of the cause of the prisoners.

We hope that the culmination of all of these battles waged by the prisoners inside the prisons, with the popular support inside and outside Palestine, will be to unify the prisoners’ movement, in light of the traditions and norms established by the prisoners’ movement for over 50 years, of prisons as revolutionary schools which unite all forces behind revolutionary national ideals.

We urge all actions and intensified work in the Palestinian, Arab and international arenas, everyhere in the world in support of the prisoners’ cause.

Salutes of Palestinian Prisoners’ Day – Glory to the martyrs – Freedom for the prisoners of freedom

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Prison Branch
April 16, 2017


The following statement was released by the PFLP on April 17, the first day of the hunger strike:

The Handala Center for Prisoners and Released Prisoners published the first list of prisoners of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine who are joining the battle of empty stomachs and confronting the jailers in the open hunger strike along with the brothers and comrades in the prisoners’ movement. The strike aims to improve their conditions in the occupation prisons, recover the stolen rights of the prisoners and put an end to the ongoing violations of the Zionist prison administration as part of its systematic efforts to break the will of the prisoners.

The leader of the striking prisoners of the PFLP is Comrade Kamil Abu Hanish, a senior leader of the Front and the leader of its prison branch. Abu Hanish is heavily involved in the Palestinian prisoners’ movement and is consistently targeted by the prison administration for a range of punitive measures, including isolation, frequent transfers. A few days ago, Comrade Abu Hanish entered his 15th year in occupation prisons. He is known as a writer on political, social and economic affairs and has written several books, including poetry collections and short stories, all written behind bars in occupation prisons.

The preliminary list of PFLP prisoners on hunger strike follows. The list will be updated upon the arrival of the names of other heroic strugglers in the strike:

  1. Kamil Abu Hanish, Gilboa Prison
  2. Jalal al-Faqih, Gilboa Prison
  3. Marouf Hanani, Gilboa Prison
  4. Hamdi Khashana, Gilboa Prison
  5. Amjad Ghazi Awad, Gilboa Prison
  6. Saad al-Faqih, Gilboa Prison
  7. Moayad Issa, Gilboa Prison
  8. Maysara Quzmar, Gilboa Prison
  9. Haytham Qadous, Gilboa Prison
  10. Said al-Boutah, Gilboa Prison
  11. Obaida Bishtawi, Gilboa Prison
  12. Nader Sadaqa, Gilboa Prison
  13. Ziad Hanani, Gilboa Prison
  14. Fadi Abu al-Huda, Gilboa Prison
  15. Hussam al-Aisha, Gilboa Prison
  16. Murad Issa, Gilboa Prison
  17. Mahmoud Muhaisen, Gilboa Prison
  18. Louay Abu al-Hams, Gilboa Prison
  19. Mahmoud Ayad, Gilboa Prison
  20. Mahmoud Dirbas, Gilboa Prison
  21. Atta Awadallah, Gilboa Prison
  22. Ali Darwish, Gilboa Prison
  23. Mahmoud Issa Abu Hajar, Gilboa Prison
  24. Muhannad Atiq, Gilboa Prison
  25. Muayad Badr, Gilboa Prison
  26. Muath Obeid, Gilboa Prison
  27. Daoud Abu Aoun, Gilboa Prison
  28. Shadi al-Sharafa, Gilboa Prison
  29. Amjad Darwish, Gilboa Prison
  30. Sayed Salameh, Gilboa Prison
  31. Samer Abu Eisheh, Gilboa Prison
  32. Amer al-Bibi, Gilboa Prison
  33. Louay Dandous, Gilboa Prison
  34. Bakr Oweis, Gilboa Prison
  35. Tariq Darwish, Gilboa Plison
  36. Yousef Alayan, Gilboa Prison
  37. Mohammed Alayan, Gilboa Prison
  38. Hamdi Qur’an, Nafha Prison
  39. Basil al-Asmar, Nafha Prison
  40. Jamil Yousef, Nafha Prison
  41. Ibrahim Hani Abu Saed, Nafha Prison
  42. Yasir al-Sabatin, Nafha Prison
  43. Karam Morrar, Nafha Prison
  44. Ali Hussein, Nafha Prison
  45. Laith Rayyan, Nafha Prison
  46. Obeida Dandas Saleh Zahran, Nafha Prison
  47. Mohammed Abu Ghali, Nafha Prison
  48. Munther Khalaf, Hadarim prison
  49. Majdi Qawariq, Hadarim prison
  50. Amjad Mohammad Awad, Hadarim Prison
  51. Raed al-Shafei, Hadarim prison