by Daphna Whitmore

“Auckland is creaking under the weight of too many people and not enough investment in infrastructure” according to Phil Twyford, Labour’s spokesman for housing. Twyford is again calling for cuts to immigration, after his shameful anti-Chinese campaign last year. Instead of saying let’s invest and build to make this a haven for people in need Twyford was taking a moment to bang the anti-immigration drum again.

“The Te Atatu MP said migrants were very important to New Zealand’s growth, but it was no good if the city could not house them or they were stuck in traffic jams.” So, migrants are just fodder for ‘growth’ according to Twyford. While National are also opposed to the free movement of people, they are far less inclined to peddle blatant xenophobia.

Twyford has been called out by Migrant and Refugee Rights spokesperson Gayaal Iddamalgoda who stated that we need a Left that will challenge xenophobia. As Labour is not on the left political spectrum we can expect more xenophobia from them. For those who expect better of Labour, don’t kid yourselves. Here are some articles that show that Labour has been bashing migrants a very long time:

Labour’s racist roots

The racist, anti-Chinese ‘dog whistle’ statement by Labour’s housing spokesperson Phil Twyford in relation to people with “Chinese-sounding surnames” buying houses in Auckland and pushing up prices to where they make housing in the city impossible for most New Zealanders to buy has prompted a range of reactions.  National has rightly, but […]

Labour’s attack on Chinese doesn’t win support

The latest political poll shows Labour has not gained support through its campaign against people with Chinese-sounding names buying houses in Auckland. Tapping into prejudice and nationalism has been a proven poll booster in the past, but not this time. Their scaremongering about a ‘tsunami of Chinese investment’ has been condemned ..

A stain that won’t wash off – Labour’s racist campaign against those with “Chinese surnames”

Labour’s attempt to scapegoat people with “Chinese surnames” for the shortage of “affordable” house properties in Auckland is blatantly racist.   Firstly, they’re not targeting people with “English surnames” or “Welsh surnames” or “pakeha surnames”.  They’re targeting Chinese surnames.  Racist! Secondly, when have Little, Twyford et al attacked white/New Zealand capitalists?

From the vaults: Labour’s repressive 2008 immigration legislation – an attack on all workers

The following article details yet another of Labour’s racist immigration efforts – in this case the 2008 Immigration Amendment Bill.  Indeed, one of the few differences between National and Labour is that the Labourites seem to be rather more racist than National when it comes to immigration.  The article below appeared in The Spark, a predecessor […]

From the vaults: Immigration and citizenship – Labour versus workers

This article first appeared in one of the predecessor publications to this site, namely revolution magazine, issue 21, August-October 2003.  While the names of Labour’s bigots have changed, their political position on the issue remains. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . […]

The Migrant and Refugee Rights Campaign has called a May Day March for migrant and refugee rights in Wellington. The event will begin with speeches on Cuba St, midday on Monday the 1st, before marching on Immigration New Zealand to deliver a written statement. Groups participating in the march include Changemakers Refugee Forum, the Public Service Association (PSA), the International Socialist Organisation, Peace Action Wellington, Fightback and Doing Our Bit – Double the Refugee Quota.

  1. […] Twyford is at it again April 10, 2017 […]

  2. Phil says:

    It’s interesting that this time around Twyford seems to be avoiding mentioned specific nationalities. I think this is because not only did the racist anti-Chinese outbursts not gain traction but they actually got some push-back.

    It’s a positive thing in the development of social attitudes here that anti-Chinese xenophobia no longer has the appeal it once did – Labour badly miscalculated on that one. They also looked foolish as John Key and other National Party figures were able to slag them off as xenophobes. And just enough people on the left stood up against them to have an effect – while, of course, others on the left tried to excuse them and cover for them.

    But the new attack on migrants is just as pernicious – if not more so, because they’re not playing an *obvious* race card.

    Once again, this all points up the need for a real, anti-capitalist left here: one which points out that the working class is global and that until and unless the working class in this country acts as just one detachment in that global working class, it won’t really be able to act effectively against its own exploiters – the NZ ruling class.

    These days, in the imperialist heartlands, the working class is internationalist or it is nothing, just an appendage of its own ruling class.

  3. Barrie says:

    You will even hear ACT gleefully jumping on Labour for their racism. David Seymour has a smarmy peter pan demeanor and of course ACT has little traction these days but they sound ostensibly more palatable on that issue than the supposedly ‘progressive’ Labour Party. Of course in reality their motivation isn’t really that great (the free movement of exploitable labour) and on related issues such as that connected to Maori, their underlying racism also comes to the fore but it really says something that a bunch of wingnuts can even appear rhetorically sounder than Labour.

    • Daphna says:

      True, and on several other things Labour is more reactionary than Act. On abortion rights Act is in favour of doing something to expand rights, or Seymour at least is, but Labour will do nothing. Or maybe set up some enquiry at the most.