Tony Norfield on the global financial system, modern imperialism, why ‘neoliberalism’ is a misleading term and much more. . .

Posted: January 25, 2017 by Admin in Banking and financial services, capitalist crisis, Capitalist ideology, Economics, Imperialism and anti-imperialism, Limits of capitalism, Marxism

downloadExcellent interview/podcast by Tom O’Brien with Tony Norfield, here.

Tom’s Alpha and Omega site, where the interview also appears, is here.  There’s also an excellent interview there with Michael Roberts.

Our interview with Tony is here.

  1. Phil F says:

    Tony provides a pretty withering critique of the usage of the term ‘neo-liberalism’ and why it doesn’t hold up. It’s capitalism. It’s capitalist policy-makers reacting logically to the crisis of capitalism that came with the end of the long postwar boom. This term is especially absurd in NZ, where National increases social welfare benefits, raises the minimum wage, maintains 65 as the retirement age, votes to substantially curtail zero-hours contracts, etc etc.