by Daphna Whitmore

If you support US wars and strong-arm tactics around the world vote for Labour in 2017. That’s the party that is most gung-ho about US world domination right now. Just this week Labour leader Andrew Little criticised President Trump for indicating he wants to pull back on US interventions. Here’s what Little said following the presidential inauguration:

He [Trump] talked about America First and not entering into fights that aren’t America’s fights. But the US plays an absolutely crucial role in world peace and world order and if he is going to fundamentally change that, then who knows what is going to happen and which tyrants in other parts of the world are going to consider that they have a licence to do even worse.(NZ Herald  23 January 2017)

Just how low can Labour go you may wonder? Think bottomless pit and avoid disappointment. Having shown themselves to be more racist than National with their campaign against people with Chinese sounding names, the Labour Party now wants to show they are even better imperialists too.


Andrew Little visiting troops in Iraq 2016 with National’s Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee

Former Alliance Party members such as Matt McCarten and Laila Harre have joined up with Labour, but there’s no sign of them moving the party left. Matt has been in the thick of the Labour Party for several years now and his party’s leader is happily showing he’s every bit as pro-imperialist as National. Maybe even more so.

  1. Phil F says:

    Key was notably reticent about signing up to US policy in Syria and putting NZ troops into the fray. In the end he did because, as he noted, it’s “the price of the club”. But Labour seems to be more fervently in favour of imperialist interventions.