Thanks Labour, thanks National.

But, don’t forget, the notion of ‘child poverty’ is actually a crock.  Children aren’t poor.  It’s the parents who are poor.  They are poor because twenty-first century NZ capitalism is a low-wage economy.  They are poor because twenty-first NZ capitalism requires historically high levels of unemployment and underemployment.

So, above all, thanks capitalism for these poverty rates.

Thus it really is no wonder that the ultimate capitalist society, the United States of America, is number one on this poverty scale.



  1. thebionn says:

    Incorrect subject line – it should read third-highest, not highest. It’s shocking enough without the exaggeration.


  2. Admin says:

    Thanks, I did actually notice the mistake in the headline about two seconds after I put it up, and corrected it. But it’s nice to have sharp-eyed readers.