by Andrew Welch


Quite revolting really.

We really are well and truly sucked into a quite revolting and alienating dubious tradition.

What is draining is seeing a mall full of people desperately fulfilling the implicit expectations of an officially-dictated happy season when same system doesn’t give the steam off a turd about suffering for the rest of the year.

Our fake traditions are retail or war mongering or sycophantic celebrity worship.  This is all symptomatic of abdicating control elsewhere.

Our culture is sanitised of worthy traditions and drowned in mindless consumerism.

Fake politics and fake democracy wrapped up in Xmas cheer.

The stress and loneliness and awful expectations of a hollow retail existence made even worse by the end of a year with no other certainty for many than a groundhog day repetition of crippling mortgage payments and soul destroying wage slavery.

Fuck the banks and screw the malls and the Boxing Day stampede – they’re cemeteries for your humanity.

But we are free to tell the fakery mongers to fuck off.

There are, after all, many more worthy engagements to focus our sense of family and community.

On the day, just do something nice with people you enjoy being with which emphasises equality and community.

Then try it again every other day of the year.

  1. Susanne K says:

    Well said.