download-1At midday today National Party leader and prime minister John Key announced that he is resigning from both positions, effective next Monday (December 12) and that he will be leaving parliament before the 2017 election.

We’ll have more to say about the resignation over the next few days, but below are links to some articles we’ve run about Key.

Our analysis has stood up remarkably well.  We pointed out from day one that Key was not a new righter or neoliberal in terms of economic policy and that the majority of the left who kept pretending he was were simply making themselves look foolish.  The last thing the capitalist class in NZ needed, we noted, was a new round of ‘Rogernomics’ and ‘Ruthanasia’.  Key was a middle-of-the-road capitalist manager.  In fact, it should hardly be surprising that, on a number of core issues, he has been to the left of Labour.

He has been to the left of Labour on the retirement age and on social welfare benefits, to mention just two examples.  Plus he’s less racist against Asians than Labour.

One possible consequence of his departure will be that the Nats who follow will ally with Labour in a bipartisan move to make workers work more years and create more surplus-value for the capitalist class whose interests both Labour and National serve.

Labour will certainly be delighted with today’s announcement.  The departure of the popular Key just might open things up a bit and give a boost to them and their plans for fresh attacks on the working class once they get back in power.

Anyway, check out the articles below:

The Key-English government in the context of capital accumulation  (parts written in 2008 and 2009)

Key’s ‘vision’: managing the malaise of NZ capitalism

Key’s government not neoliberal, admits Unite union leader


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