Louis Proyect on US election outcome

safe_imageBelow is a short initial piece posted by veteran American left-wing activist and commentator Louis Proyect:

At the risk of sounding like a Marxist dinosaur, I think you have to see what is happening dialectically.  A likely victory for Trump comes at a cost to his ability to carry out any “extreme” programs.  Leaving aside the exact cause of a majority of Americans voting for him, essentially he rose to the top by virtue of his outsider status.

Haven’t people been reading articles about the anger ordinary people have about Washington, particularly Establishment Washington that Clinton symbolizes?

But once he enters the oval office, he will have to take orders from the most powerful sectors of the American ruling class that does not want or need frontal assaults on workers, Blacks, immigrants, women et al.

Clearly we are entering a period when centrism does not work.  With the “left” signing a blank check for Bernie Sanders, who endorsed it and then turned it over to Clinton, we really need to think through what we stand for.

Do we have the guts to build a radical movement or will we be continuously tailing after The Nation, Salon, MSNBC and the Democratic Party?

Louis has an internet site, The Unrepentant Marxist.


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  1. Agree with the thrust of this comment but “a majority of Americans” did not vote for Trump

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