The union movement in NZ: some basic stats

Posted: November 7, 2016 by Admin in Class Matters, Labour Party NZ, New Zealand politics, Unions - NZ

The following is taken from Liberation blog:

Some facts about the state of unions and industrial issues in New Zealand in 2016:
  • As at 1 March 2015, there were 137 registered unions in New Zealand with a total of 359,782 members. Just over 18% of all employees are union members – down from 21% in 2010. The 10 largest unions had a total membership of 283,900, but 49 unions had fewer than 100 members.
  • Workers in education, health and community services make up over half of all union members and nearly 58% of members are women.
  • The Council of Trade Unions (CTU) has 35 affiliated unions, including the biggest five, and over 88% of union members belong to affiliates.

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Sources for figures: and the Council of Trade Unions



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