PFLP on escalating Zionist prison repression

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Statement by the PFLP Prison Branch, October 22, 2016:

The recent storming of section 3 in Gilboa prison and the participation of the deadly repressive units in this invasion and abuse of prisoners, including the use of tear gas, and the transfer of prisoners elsewhere, comes in the context of ongoing and escalating actions by the Zionist prison administration against the Palestinian prisoners’ movement. This is also highlighted by the continuing and systematic policy of medical neglect, which led to the death of the prisoner Yasser Hamdouna.

Repression is continuing daily through raids on rooms and sections, as has taken place in Nafha and Eshel, and through the denial of family visits through the confiscation of visit permits. We also see continuing attacks on prisoners, especially children and teens, and the worsening conditions of daily life. This is taking place amid the escalation of the use of administrative detention and the constant renewal of administrative detention orders.

In light of the continuation and escalation of these policies by the prison administration and its tools of repression, we emphasize that the intifada of the prisons and the battle of the prisoners is brewing under the surface and is now approaching, requiring a broad movement to confront these policies.

In the framework of this escalation against the prisoners, we call upon the masses of the Palestinian people to support us in this confrontation with the prison administration and we emphasize the following:

First, the necessity of forming a national leadership framework which includes all factions and institutions of national action and national figures from all areas of Palestine (48, Jerusalem, Gaza Strip, West Bank) and outside Palestine, and the creation of a militant program and plan of action to support the prisoners’ cause.

Second, the initiation of mass events on the national level in support of the prisoners in Gilboa, the hunger strikers, and prisoners subject to repression, and to this end we urge local committees to discuss forms of support for the prisoners.

Third, the importance and necessity of supporting the struggle of the hunger striking administrative detainees. Every mass action can help to shorten the duration of the battle and act as a deterrent against Zionist forces who seek to end the phenomenon of hunger strikes through force feeding and making the strikes a difficult and costly step, with a deliberate intention of targeting the lives and health of the striking prisoners.

Fourth, we urge all international and human rights organizations concerned with the issue of prisoners to carry out their responsibilities in support of the prisoners on hunger strike and all prisoners.

Fifth, daily action to support prisoners is a high priority and a national duty, and we must combine all efforts to support the cause broadly and continuously to highlight the struggle of the prisoners.

Victory is inevitable.
The leadership of the PFLP Prison Branch
October 22, 2016


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