kj4-200x200by Susanne Kemp

Last Friday (June 3) saw the release of Khalida Jarrar, a member of the central leadership of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.  Comrade Jarrar had been held in a Zionist prison for 14 months, having been arrested on April 1 last year.

See our coverage of her case on Redline last year, here.

She was held without trial during the whole time.

Reporting on the release in Haaretz the next day, Israeli dissident journalist Amira Hass noted, “The number of female Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails broke all previous records while Jarrar was in prison – 61 prisoners and detainees, of whom 14 are minors. Ten of the prisoners were injured during their arrest, some of them seriously. Five of the injured were minors.”

The PFLP has saluted Comrade Jarrar on her liberation from the prisons of the occupation. She has achieved a victory over the Zionist jailer with will, steadfastness and defiance of the occupation, said the Front.

Several thousand people turned out to welcome her on Saturday night at the Palestinian Legislative Council building.

The struggle continues for the release of all the prisoners, against administrative detention and against the occupation of the West Bank and for the complete liberation of the Palestinian masses.

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