Once again, Key-English have delivered a budget no different in any fundamental way than the budgets delivered by the last Labour government.  Indeed, given that the last Labour government had nine years of surpluses while Key-English have been operating in the economic environment of the GFC and its aftermath, National appears a bit more generous to workers than Labour.

This will not, of course, stop the Labour liars.  They’ll be complaining about this, that and the other as if their nine years of surpluses – in which they didn’t do the this, that and the other they are criticising National for not doing – never existed.

Meanwhile, the working class continues to tolerate short change; passive in the face of stagnant wages and living standards and the leftover slops of the capitalist class, the very class whose wealth has been created by workers.

Stagnant politics in a stagnant society.  Morbid symptoms without a sign of anything new.



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