FreeFrom éirígí:

Great result today as éirígí’s Sean Doyle and Citizens Against Privatisation stalwart Eamonn McGrath were released from Cloverhill prison on unconditional bail.

The unexpected outcome came virtue of a “technicality” in committal warrants as papers that were due to be served at Cloverhill Prison apparently incorrectly ended up in Bray Courthouse.  As a result both men had to be released.

And this saved the State from yet again encountering men who would not back down to bullies or be forced into accepting unconstitutional bail conditions.

And the papers weren’t the only things mislaid by the State, they also lost Sean and Eamonn!  Yes, that’s right, despite the fact that neither of the men left the custody of the prison where they have been held for over two weeks now they couldn’t find them when it came time to produce them in court.

Gladly they did in the end and the men walked free to rapturous applause and the waiting arms of their loved ones.

This is gross incompetency by the State.

And another example of how little every pillar of the States Institutions value the right to liberty of the ordinary person.

And these are the people entrusted with the powers of arrest and detention.

We again call on this minority-supported government to immediately halt the national metering programme and cease the attempts to criminalise our successful movement.

Welcome home Sean and Eamonn.

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