Radio NZ interview on Iran with Yassamine Mather

Posted: May 18, 2016 by daphna in Democracy movements, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Middle East

There’s a good Radio NZ interview with Yposter-Yassamine1assamine Mather on the current situation in Iran. The interview is 18 minutes long and available on podcast here:  Listen

She discusses the lifting of sanctions, the Shah’s regime, the conservative clerical regime, repression, the position of women, and the internal opposition. She speaks too of hope for the future for the region with the youth of Iran being very opposed to the clerics.

And for our own Redline interview with Yassamine several years ago, read here.

  1. Admin says:

    Who has been reading Redline, then? Apparently folks at Radio New Zealand. The ad for the interview with Yassamine said it would be about “repression and resistance in Iran”, which just happens to be the exact title of our interview with her and the description of her on the RNZ site where the interview can be heard uses the exact wording of part of our introduction to the interview with her.

    We’re very happy that Redline is getting read at RNZ and hopefully they’ll interview more people they come across on our site: can we recommend Tony Norfield and his book on the financial sector, for instance?