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Thomas Kent

images (2)Last week we started noting the 100th anniversary of the executions by British firing squad of leaders of the 1916 rebellion in Ireland.  Other things have intruded since then, so we got a bit behind.

Below are the next executions:

May 8, 1916: Eamonn Ceannt, Con Colbert, Sean Heuston, Michael Mallin

May 9: Thomas Kent (executed at Cork Detention Barracks)

An interesting comment by veteran Cork socialist-republican Jim Lane on facebook:

“. . . Thomas Kent (is sometimes referred to) as the Forgotten Volunteer. A more correct prefix would be an Ignored Volunteer. Ignored by those State Leaders who ignored the fact that he was buried down in a Cork prison yard and they not putting in much effort to locate his remains. It took nigh on 100 years to locate his remains. As for the people of Cork, and particularly the people of Fermoy and Castlelyons, they never forgot him. Year after year, they marched to the family grave to honour the two brothers, killed by British Forces, Richard and Thomas. In the city, the people referred to as the “Old IRA”, his old comrades, always remembered Thomas by having an annual event at the grave area within the Cork Military Barracks. In 1966, on the 50th anniversity of his death, 4,000 people marched through Casltelyons in honour of Thomas and his murdered brother, Richard. Later in the afternoon, a mighty crowd marched behind the Cork Volunteers’ Pipe Band in what was an annual republican event. Forgotten, no way , not by the people of Cork. Ignored by State Leaders, more like.”


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