John MacBride

John MacBride

Yesterday, May 4, marked the 100th anniversary of the executions by British firing squad of Joseph Mary Plunkett, Willie Pearse, Edward Daly and Michael O’Hanrahan.

Plunkett married Grace Gifford while he was in Kilmainham Jail awaiting execution.

On May 5, John MacBride, veteran and former husband of Maud Gonne,  was executed.

8fd11a2de7b7ff59a3130bfe5867a5cdToday also marks the 35th anniversary of the death on hunger strike of Irish revolutionary fighter Bobby Sands MP.

Sands was the first of the ten left-republican prisoners in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh to die in the 1981 hunger strikes.

While on hunger strike he was elected to the British parliament by the people of Fermanagh-South Tyrone.

Bobby was on hunger strike for 66 days.

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