by Phil Duncan

Radio New Zealand this morning reported on a two-hour session in which Helen Clark faced questioning at the United Nations in relation to her bid to become secretary-general of the imperialist institution.

Amusingly, Clark took exception to the suggestion by one questioner – the obviously insightful representative of St Vincent and the Grenadines – that she is “the establishment candidate”.

Like the consummate cynical and dishonest bourgeois politician she became decades ago, Clark claimed, “”I have never been an establishment candidate for anything. . .  I have come from the outside of everything I have done. . .”

She so long ago lost the ability to tell the difference between fact and fiction, truth and lie, that she also declared during the session: “I come forward because the government of New Zealand believes I am the best person for the job and I come forward with the full support of the government and parliament of New Zealand.”

Ah, so she’s the anti-establishment/’outsider’ candidate supported by John Key and National, then?

This is the individual who, as health minister, closed down more public hospitals than all the previous health ministers in NZ history combined.  She is certainly the establishment candidate.

This is the person who was prime minister for nine years, moreover nine years of budget surpluses, but wouldn’t even restore social welfare benefits to pre-1991 cuts levels.  She doesn’t give a shit about poor and working class women (and men).  She is the establishment candidate.

This is the person who sent NZ troops to help invade Afghanistan.  She is the establishment candidate.

This is the person who declared that paid parental leave would be introduced “over my dead body”.  This is the establishment candidate.

This is the individual who led a government that told poor unemployed people that they would need to move to other parts of the country or face having their dole cut off.  This is the establishment candidate.

It was with her as prime minister that NZ chaired the UN sanctions committee on Iraq, overseeing the murder of hundreds of thousands 

And we could go on and on.

Helen Clark spent about ten years wheedling her way into the NZ establishment and then was an ultra-loyal part of tat establishment for the next thirty years.  Now she aspires to be a big player in the global imperialist establishment.

Indeed, as the UN attempts to modernise by incorporating layers of highly-privileged women into its upper levels, she is the ideal establishment candidate.  No wonder the modernising bourgeoisie, of whom Key is a very good example, are staunchly behind her.

Clark has never been an outsider.  Born with a silver spoon in her mouth and dripping with privilege, she is not merely the establishment candidate.  She is the ultra-establishment candidate.

For a fuller account of Clark’s record, see The reign of Helen Clark

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