It is one hundred years since the Easter uprising in Ireland against British colonial rule. Brutally repressed, the rebellion was no wasted effort. Across the years and to this day, Easter 1916 has inspired workers in Ireland and across the world to struggle for freedom.

Don’s music on Wellington Access radio pays tribute to the heroes of 1916 in comment, poetry and song.  This Friday at 7.30pm, on 783 AM.easter

  1. Phil F says:

    You can also read all about the Rising over on theirishrevolution site.

    In particular, for the Rising and the period through to the triumph of the counter-revolution, see the following (these were written in 1995 and early 1996, but remain relevant and valid):

    Nationalisms and anti-nationalisms in Irish historiography

    Politics and the rise of historical revisionism

    Rekindling the sparks of revolt: the cultural revival, labour, women’s and republican movements, 1908-1913

    From sparks to flames, 1913-1916

    The Home Rule crisis

    The labour and women’s movements on the eve of World War 1

    Connolly, Markievicz and the debate over 1916

    In sight of freedom, 1916-1921 (introduction)

    Republicanism and the national independence struggle, 1916-1921

    The working class and the national struggle, 1916-1921

    Women’s rights and the national struggle, 1916-1922

    From truce to treaty: the pan-nationalist front divides

    Civil war, counter-revolution and the consolidation of the Free State

    Winners and losers in an unfree state


    For a recent look at the global-historical significance of the Rising, see:

    And check out the Irish revolutionary movement éirígí.