Syriza versus Palestinian liberation

Posted: March 7, 2016 by Admin in Greece, Imperialism and anti-imperialism, Internationalism, Israel, Palestine, PFLP
Tsipras and new friend

Tsipras and new friend

by Susanne Kemp

It isn’t only the Greek working class that the Alexis Tsipras’ leadership of Syriza has betrayed.  One of the distinguishing features of his ‘socialist’ government has been snuggling up to Israel.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine has made clear its opposition to the retreat of the Greek government, especially at a time when the Palestinian masses have launched a new intifada and the isolation and boycott of the Zionist regime is growing. At the same time, it welcomed the continuing solidarity with the Palestinian cause by masses of Greek people.

Last July, dumping its pledge to end Greek military co-operation with Israel, the Syriza-led government signed an accord with Israel to maintain military collaboration.  This included Greek military forces training in Israel and Israeli helicopter pilots being involved in eleven days of combat training near Mt Olympus the same month.

The new foreign minister in the government, Nikos Kotzias, even declared that Greeks should “learn to love Israel”.  Although Kotzias is not a member of Syriza, the accord made it clear that he was articulating a position that Tsipras and his circle support in practice.

Moreover, in November last year, Tsipras visited Israel and spoke about the “natural affinity” of Greeks and Israelis.  He even went the extra mile by visiting Jerusalem, part of the illegal occupation of West Bank territories and a place of lot of diplomats stay away from because of this.

  1. The alignment of SYRIZA with the pro-Israeli turn of the Greek international policy was obvious as soon as August 2012 :

    Back then, there had been heard many voices inside SYRIZA (including future minister Kourakis) condemning the Tsipras-Peres meeting; but none of them raised any issue in 2015 when the axis Greece-Cyprus-Israel-Egypt was confirmed by the SYRIZA-ANEL government and put in place by Kotzias & Co.

    The Greek revolutionary left did speak about and in time, but no one was willing to listen until the “betrayal” of July 2015.
    And yes, Greek bourgeoisie seeking for a new position in the imperialist chain after its degradation in 2009-2010, has made a shift both to defend its “rights” over the Mediterranean hydrocarbons, excluding the eternal enemy of the Turkish bourgeoisie and to “represent” along with the Cypriots the EU imperialism in the area. (A job to which the Greek bourgeoisie is traditionally accustomed to.)

    And SYRIZA had been cheerfully committed to defend those “rights” all the way from 2012 on.