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Posted: February 25, 2016 by Admin in Blog News


Our wee piece on the firefighters successfully pushing back against an attack by the Fire Service had over 1,200 views in a couple days, while, in just 24 hours, the same piece had over 7,000 views on the firefighters’ own facebook page.

Now the piece on Christchurch firefighters has had 16,000 views on the union’s facebook page as well as several thousand on Redline.

If you like any article – big or small – on the blog, please help promote it (and the blog).  Link to it on facebook and other social media, write about it anywhere or re-blog it.

We’re very happy to have other people re-blog our material, just as we regularly re-blog material by people whose work we follow, like Mike Roberts, Tony Norfield, Yassamine Mather and others.  All we ask is that, like us, you mention the original source and put in a link to where it originally appeared on our site.

We don’t do this blog for proprietorial, career or money-making reasons.  We make no money, get no career advantage (in fact, quite the contrary) and we are not at all precious about what we write.  We write in order to try to make sense of social reality in the context of wanting to change it; we produce this blog as a modest contribution to the cause of human liberation.

So the more people who spread the word about the blog, advertise and/or re-blog stuff the better.

Also, the more people who write stuff for the blog the better.

The blog contains quite a range of material from stories about workplace struggles to examinations of the current state of the working class (pay, conditions, political consciousness, struggle – or lack thereof); music, book and film reviews; social, economic, cultural and political trends; Marxist theory and how it provides tools for analysing all these things; where various forms of oppression and discrimination come from and how they can most effectively be fought; struggles against imperialism and for national and social liberation; working class history; and much more.

So think about writing for Redline.  We can work with you on anything you are interested in writing about, or you can just go for it.

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