Trump riding the anti-TPPA wave

Posted: February 24, 2016 by daphna in Uncategorized
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A key feature of Donald Trump’s election campaign has been strident opposition to the TPPA.

A Huffington Post article looks at how Trump could win. He needs to get the Rust Belt states where his support is strong on opposition to trade deals.

Wouldn’t it be funny if Trump’s opposition to the TPPA gets him in to office?

It could be a lesson in the consequences of encouraging nationalist fervor in developed capitalist countries.

Although  the anti-TPPA demonstrations in New Zealand had an anti-corporate message, there was a significant nationalistic-protectionist tendency evident.

Trump is playing that card in the US. Workers are rallying behind him with slogans about saving US jobs. Ironic considering Trump’s famed line “you’re fired”.

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  1. Phil F says:

    I think nationalism has been the dominant ideological influence in the anti-TPPA campaign in New Zealand. I also think this isn’t incidental; it flows completely logically from the whole nature of the anti-TPPA campaign.

    At the same time, it’s like the issues that really need to be taken up aren’t being, so the frustration and alienation ends up being expressed in fundamentally conservative and nationalist forms, as around the TPPA.

    No new radical movement can therefore emerge – this kind of campaign reinforces ‘little New Zealand’ nationalism. Most of the left goes along with the anti-TPPA line because they’re just so glad to see people on the street – never mind the quality of the politics, look at the size of that thing.

    As long as we have a left like this, we will continue to go round in circles.

    And the fact that Trump can so easily take up the banner of anti-TPPA won’t cause any rethinking among anti-TPPA campaigners here. They’ll just ignore it or regard it as an aberration, rather than understanding that he can take it up so easily and in such a forthright manner because opposition to the TPPA is simply about posing an alternative capitalist view; it has nothing to do with anti-capitalism. Nothing at all.

    Phil F