Capitalism loves to tax us. . . again and again and again

Posted: January 14, 2016 by Admin in capitalist crisis, Capitalist ideology, Class Matters, Economics, Limits of capitalism, Workers' rights

US_econ_bailout_66Despite all the free market rhetoric, the simple reality is that capitalism can’t function without a strong state, including one that steps in to make up for the continuous failures of ‘the market’.

Often this requires all kinds of taxes.  Often these are hidden by not being direct taxation like income tax – they are things like, in NZ, GST, tax on petrol, cigarettes and so on.  Other times and places they come in a more direct tax form, such as water charges.

On Tuesday, there was a very interesting article in the Irish Times on the various levies charged by the southern Irish state, levies which are designed basically to underwrite the market.  They involve quite a range of stuff from a levy people are charged on plastic bags to the water charge levy.


In this country, the government has a bunch of levies too, driving up the prices of goods that are especially consumed by workers.  See our article on GST and tax policy: here.



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