100th anniversary of Ireland’s 1916 Rebellion

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This year marks the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Rebellion in Ireland.  The rebellion took place from April 24 to April 29, essentially in Dublin.  April 24 was Easter Monday, so the insurrection became generally known as the Easter Rising and is usually commemorated at Easter; this means it ‘moves’ each year.

In New Zealand there are a number of events being organised to mark the centenary of the Rising.

In Dunedin, members of Clann éirígí are organising an afternoon event on the Rising on Saturday, April 23.  As well as several talks, there will be actual film footage from the Rising.  Entry by koha.  For further info, contact Colin: cogg2007@gmail.com

In Dunedin, there is also going to be an academic conference on the Rising, to be held at the Toitu Settlers Museum in March.

In Christchurch, Dr Philip Ferguson will be giving a talk on Countess Markievicz on Friday, April 1 at 7pm.  It’s organised by the Irish Society and will be at the Irish Society hall in Spreydon.

The next day, Saturday, April 2, the Canterbury Workers Educational Association is offering a one-day course run by Philip Ferguson of Clann éirígí.  See course details here: http://www.cwea.org.nz/Courses.php

Dr Marla Hughes of the Canterbury University history department will also be speaking on the Rising at an event organised by the city’s Irish Society.  The talk will be at the Society’s hall in Spreydon, 7pm, Wednesday, April 6.

The Society has a number of events planned, including a street procession.

We’ll stick up more details of the events in Christchurch and Dunedin regularly.

You can also read all about the Rising over on theirishrevolution site.

In particular, for the Rising and the period through to the triumph of the counter-revolution, see the following (these were written in 1995 and early 1996, but remain relevant and valid):

Nationalisms and anti-nationalisms in Irish historiography

Politics and the rise of historical revisionism

Rekindling the sparks of revolt: the cultural revival, labour, women’s and republican movements, 1908-1913

From sparks to flames, 1913-1916

The Home Rule crisis

The labour and women’s movements on the eve of World War 1

Connolly, Markievicz and the debate over 1916

In sight of freedom, 1916-1921 (introduction)

Republicanism and the national independence struggle, 1916-1921

The working class and the national struggle, 1916-1921

Women’s rights and the national struggle, 1916-1922

From truce to treaty: the pan-nationalist front divides

Civil war, counter-revolution and the consolidation of the Free State

Winners and losers in an unfree state


For a recent look at the global-historical significance of the Rising, see: https://theirishrevolution.wordpress.com/2015/11/15/the-global-historical-significance-of-the-1916-rising/

And check out the Irish revolutionary movement éirígí.



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