downloadLast week an article on the Australian left site New Matilda dealing with the work/life balance went viral.  The article dealt with why we are working longer.

Several of the most-viewed pieces on Redline have been on the same subject.  Check out:

Whatever happened to the leisure society?:

Pensions and the retirement age – the problem is capitalism, not an aging population:

It’s pretty widely agreed these days, even among many business gurus, that a good work/life balance is important.  What is not discussed is why we – and by ‘we’ I mean the vast majority of the workforce – don’t have a good work/life balance.  And why things appear to be getting worse.  We’re working longer, harder, faster and the retirement age is going up in many advanced capitalist countries (and retirement scarcely exists in much of the Third World).

Briefly, there are two answers.  One is that there has not been another capitalist boom period like the long one following WW2 (late 1940s to early 1970s) and there is not likely to be another one.  The other is that workers’ resistance to attacks on our rights and living standards have, largely, not been resisted.  This is especially so in New Zealand.

Thus the result here for workers has been especially bad.  See here.

For the New Matilda article, see here.




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