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Picture and caption taken from; on left is British premier David Cameron, on right is Saudi tyrant King Abdullah, who died last January (2015)

No, not an ISIS execution; this is John Key's friends, the Saudi government, at work

No, not an ISIS execution; this is John Key’s friends, the Saudi government, at work

On Saturday, January 2, the Saudi dictatorship – good friends of the US and NZ governments – executed 47 people.  They were executed in prisons, using both firing squads and beheadings.  Often John Key and Barack Obama’s Saudi friends carry out beheadings in public.

The Guardian notes of 2015, for instance:  “Forced to their knees with their hands tied behind their backs and just moments later beheaded by an executioner wielding a sword — that was the fate of at least one person, on average, every two days in Saudi Arabia in 2015” (see here).


Idiot-President and Saudi tyranny

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