Over the past couple of years, while the working class in New Zealand lets itself be walked all over, workers in Ireland – on both sides of the border imposed by British imperialism – have been resisting austerity.  The most powerful expression of this resistance has been that hundreds of thousands of workers in the south have been on the streets in local communities and city and town centres opposing the water tax imposed by the Fine Gael-Labour government.

In local working class areas, people have physically resisted the installation of water meters and destroyed meters that Irish Water, backed by the cops, has managed to install.

Below is a short documentary made by Marcus Howard (https://www.facebook.com/marcushowarddocumentaries), featuring just one of the Dublin protests against the water tax.

See also speeches given at anti-water tax protests by leading campaign figures from eirigi (go to article and scroll down to the vids): https://rdln.wordpress.com/2015/05/27/supporting-the-irish-revolution/

In a future article, we’ll be looking at the working classes in Ireland and NZ and why one is rebellious and one prefers not to fight even to defend existing living standards.

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