Over on The Irish Revolution: lesbian revolutionaries of 1916 and much more. . .,

Elizabeth O'Farrell and Sheila (Julia) Grennan - partners in life and revolution
Elizabeth O’Farrell and Sheila (Julia) Grenan – partners in life and revolution

Several members of the Redline blog collective are members of Clann eirigi and one blogs at the irish revolution.  Occasionally we point to articles on that site, for readers of Redline who might be interested in Ireland or particular social issues which also happen to be important in Ireland – eg the massive referendum victory in the south of Ireland for the right to same-sex marriage.

Some recent articles on the irish revolution are:

Lesbian fighters of 1916

Review of James Heartfield and Kevin Rooney’s Who’s Afraid of the Easter Rising

The global-historical significance of the 1916 Easter rebellion in Ireland

What about the Protestant working class – an analysis from 1981

Tribute to Peggy O’Hara

CLR James on the importance of James Connolly and the 1916 Rebellion

There are also a couple of important recent pieces on the new Stormont agreement.


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