Just don’t shoot a lion

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by Don Franks

US cops can shoot a black guy in the street lion
or a white guy too if they’re more discreet
US troops can shoot any woman or man
if they do it in Iraq or Afghanistan
little kids over there, they’re fair game too
just don’t take aim at them in the zoo
because there’s one thing that you cannot do
– just don’t shoot a lion

You don’t have to kill with a gun these days
there’s more discrete and safer ways
drones are great, because they work unmanned
just launch them over the desert sand
they can single a terrorist leader out
and the rest of his village to save any doubt
plus anything else around and about, but
-just don’t shoot a lion

New Zealand’s a bit more peaceful place
if you’re not Steve Wallace or Paul Chase
some unarmed people get gunned down
mostly if they’re poor and brown
or in Myers park, some crazy kid
any awkward facts will be well hid
and the cops found blameless whatever they did
– just don’t shoot a lion

  1. John O'Brien says:

    Is Marxist analysis that instead of showing the connections between this rich white guy for his pleasure killing endangered animals for trophies, as the same that these police killing people
    on their whims and disrespect for life – we instead have this poor article promoting that caring people can not support the environment, endangered animals and making the links with the wealthy rich and their police servants carrying out the same values of power and harm. Why are some leftists so backward when they should know better? So the same thing with how Gays were viewed and supporting industries that pollute and destroy our environment. Suggest people claiming to be Marxists do some more thinking on what their pronouncements will affect and accomplish. USA racism is very real in all levels of society. But that should not be counter posed to those objecting to the hunting of lions – just need to show the connections. We should be happy people object to these rich people hunting and should be encouraging other needed concerns also worth time and effort – not complaining that people need to choose their concerns. All are valid. If this is how one addresses large movements, then expect to remain small and isolated.

  2. Kia ora John

    When I was a schoolboy I enjoyed reading Boy’s Own annuals, full of sport and adventures.
    Then, in the ’50s, no issue of a bumper book for boys was complete without big game hunting episodes.
    As a nice little middle class boy I could not wait to go to Africa and kill some big game.
    In just a few years fashions have changed, now the books are all about other stuff and some people not bothered by lions give a shit about lions welfare.
    That’s ok. I no longer want to hunt lions. I agree that they should be protected.
    Not all fashions have changed.
    In the 1980’s an unarmed workmate of mine was shot dead by the police in his own home.
    The cops are still killing unarmed people and getting away with it.
    I could not give two stuffs about ticking the right marxist boxes for your approval, I am pissed off that a troubled young boy was murdered last week and his killers will not be held responsible.