SYRIZA has turned into its opposite

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Below is a summary of the latest (July 19) events in Greece from reports from left activists in Syriza:


A resounding No vote has been betrayed by Tsipras

SYRIZA has rapidly become a force maintaining the regime of a debtor colony through a Third Memorandum (qualitatively worse than the previous ones). The broad masses feel betrayed and disoriented.

Some still genuinely believe that SYRIZA governs Greece, and is better than any other government. This is a dillusion: Greece is again governed by the troika, which dictates even the details of the legislative procedures and even the minor governmental decisions. The government of Tsipras chose to become an instrument of the troika and a hostage of the old, rotten political system.

This government, assisted by the old political parties, has imposed on the Parliament the adoption of the first series of measures demanded by the troika as prerequisite that proves the “good will of Greece towards the creditors”.

Next week a second series of measures shall be adopted, also demanded as prerequisite by the troika.

These extremely neoliberal measures are promoted by the government not as part of an agreement with the troika: they are adopted exactly in order that the troika graciously accepts to impose the Third Memorandum on Greece!

Humiliating terms and dirty methods

The methods of the Tsipras’ government used to impose humiliating terms are characteristic of its complete, unconditional and shameful surrender to the troika. The Parliament is used as during the time of the openly pro-troika governments, returning to the status of a colonial type registrar of resolutions taken outside Greece.

There is “fast-tracking” in a matter of hours contentious legislation and attempts of blackmailing and bribery of those who disagree.

According to the Constitution, the result of the referendum is equivalent to a law adopted by the Parliament, and cannot be overturned except by a new referendum. In the referendum of 5 July, the Greek people rejected a series of concrete measures proposed by the troika – which have now been included in the “prerequisite law” adopted by the Parliament last Wednesday (and the one that shall be adopted next Wednesday). The Tsipras’ government openly flouts the Constitution, in an even more provocative way than the previous governments did.

Tsipras’ policy failed, SYRIZA’s experiment ends

It is now evident Tsipras used the referendum as an adventurist tool to find a temporary way out of an impossible situation, hoping that a more or less 50-50 result would allow him to excuse the planned surrender to the troika. The huge popular NO scared Tsipras and his government and the leadership of SYRIZA proved unworthy of the Greek People.

The Tsipras-government’s humiliation will be complete: the troika shall push it to the end, obliging his government to impose policies that no other government could impose, before eventually getting rid of it as a squeezed lemon. The “prerequisite laws” and the Third Memorandum that will follow will further accentuate the character of Greece as colony of debt and shall worsen even more rapidly the already intolerable social catastrophe.

Bankruptcy and Grexit

Greece is entereing an era of bankruptcy and its likely a catastrophic Grexit will take place under the terms of the creditors (while the unconditional surrender of Tsipras’ government to the troika is “explained” by its perpetrators as a “negative but necessary compromise in order to avoid bankruptcy and Grexit”).

The Greek banks are bankrupt and shall be seized for free by the German and other imperialists, together with whatever infrastructures, wealth and property are still public in our country. The big majority of the Greek People shall suffer a new wave of increased pauperization and the humanitarian catastrophe will further worsen rapidly.

The adoption of the “prerequisite laws” is just the beginning of a continuous blackmailing by the troika. The so called “financial aid” (which goes out of one pocket of the “creditors” directly into the other one) will be drip-fed demanding each time in exchange more blood by the Greek people. That’s why suddenly the media treat Tsipras now as a “national leader who finally became a realist”.

Dramatic political changes and difficult choices

The political scenery also changes dramatically: the now enlarged pro-Memorandum camp is divided into two big groups (a “centre-left” with SYRIZA as its main force, and a “centre-right”) competing each other about which one out of the two is able to better manage the Memoranda regime. At the same time, because of SYRIZA’s mutation, a big part of the Greek People remains without political expression and alternative. The fracturing of the social alliance that was built on the basis of the struggle against the Memoranda, and the precipitation of the Greek economy, shall further accentuate the political crisis.

There is an attempt by various sides to bring forward a fake dilemma: “Euro or Drachma?” A part of the Left thinks that the adoption of a national currency is, under any conditions, sufficient to lead Greece out of the crisis. This is one more attempt to discover an “easy” way out of a most complicated and harsh situation. Today a Grexit (especially as planned by Germany and other dynamic factors of the EU) shall mean all but a weapon for national liberation. Such a Grexit will be translated into the imposition of an official foreign economic control over Greece. In a way, the Euro is pushing today Greece to bankruptcy and Grexit!

There can be no alternative (let alone an “easy” one) without the active participation of the popular masses in the form of a broad political current fighting for a way out. Moreover, there can be no alternative without the elaboration of a national plan for the endogenous productive reconstruction of the country. These are prerequisites for the preparation of the minimum conditions that will allow a course towards popular sovereignty and national independence. Then, the adoption of a national currency shall be posed in a completely different, pro-people way. Otherwise, the dilemma “Euro or Drachma?” will keep obscuring the minds and misleading the necessary efforts for a way out.

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  2. People should give ear to a serious examination of where Syriza came from and analyse their decisions within that context, as the Greeks ultraleft (i.e. outside of KKE and the cliffite party) have done, rather than the rationalising mental gymnastics of Syriza’s left activists.