To my fellow workers in Greece

Greek workers protest; photograph: Louisa Gouliamaki/Getty

by Don Franks

Words, such handy little things

So much those printed soldier boys can do

those little life enhancers saving us

from the unpleasantness

keeping our tepid brains from harm, since God died

we live in our brains so its important now

to keep that soft warm brain shit safe.

So TV news does not despoil our tea we have some magic words,

instead of blood and guts and anguish and a family home smashed up and all the nice things saved hard to buy and hand down and not to see our sister or her kids or pets again we have we have:

“collateral damage”

Today’s magic word’s “austerity”

A nice flat handy dry word do you think so?

Not too harsh or loud, a nice dry tidy word to make a background sound


A thing that the Greeks should just do, so we can the rest of us get on.

If Greeks just did austerity then things in Europe might come right and we could all just settle down a while

“Austerity”, noun, a simple plain quality vis:

“Greek people, existing, with no job, no rent money, no power bill payment, no food, no transport fares, no retirement fund, no glass of wine or wee child’s birthday gift or medicine or holiday or funeral payment

or funeral flowers, nothing more to lose”

My wish for all Greek workers underneath the sun

They will know where to point it, may all who can raise it

Find a gun