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downloadSelmaThe recent film Selma vividly brought to life an important episode in the fight for black civil rights in the United States.

While Afro-Americans have hardly won complete equality, it is difficult now to imagine a time when, in the southern states, they could not vote or go to the same schools, cafes, beaches, swimming pools and public toilets as whites, and had to sit in the back of buses.  And when lynchings were entertainment for good, god-fearing white racists and their families.

This afternoon course looks at how and why a civil rights movement arose when it did, what it was fighting against and for, and what it achieved.

Saturday, May 9, 1-5pm

images (1)Presenter: Philip Ferguson

To enrol, contact Canterbury Workers Educational Association.

You can enrol on-line at:  (The course code for The Road to Selma is 152-16.) 

Or you can email CWEA:

Or you can phone: (03) 366 0285


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