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This first appeared in December 2014, but remains useful for finding articles on the site about workers’ struggles

Redline’s readership has, since we began, grown consistently and substantially. At the same time, it can be quite daunting going to a website for the first time and reading a few things on the home-page and then wondering what to look at next and where to go to find it.  So, over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sticking up some lists of important articles in a range of categories.

We’re starting with some important pieces on the state of the working class in New Zealand.  In a couple of days time we’ll list some key articles on the subject of Whatever happened to workers’ resistance?  After that, we’ll list some material on the alternatives to accepting this shite, how workers can fight back, with some inspiring contemporary and historical examples.  The following list will be of key pieces on the current government’s economic and social policies.

Anyway, here’s our first list – remember this is only partial, but each article will also provide some links to related articles.

Coming apart down under: the decay of New Zealand capitalist society from the 1970s to 1993
The state of the working class in New Zealand, 1997
A united front against low-paid workers
A strange paradox: can New Zealand workers really be happy with this crap?
Information Technology and the rise of New Zealand’s modern servant class
Bending over backwards: New Zealand’s temp economy and capital’s growing need for ‘flexible’ labour
The real working life of a chef: a view from the inside
Low horizons and the legacy of defeats
Last machinist at Achilles Industries
Pike River: ‘cashflow’ versus workers’ safety

See also: ANZ bank workers take action and Ructions at Lyttelton Port

And most recently the struggle of the meatworkers with Talleys.

You will also find lots of reports and other stories about specific workers’ struggles of recent years in the Unions – New Zealand category, here: https://rdln.wordpress.com/category/unions-nz/; among these is the substantial coverage we gave to the Ports of Auckland dispute in 2012 and the firefighters’ struggle of the same year.  Indeed, we have a bunch of articles on the firefighters here.

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