Marxism and gay liberation on Redline

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  2. Thomas R says:


    There’s always resistance to liberal (not to mention white, cis, middle class etc) gay ‘liberation’ movements. Even from young people who, let’s be honest, are having to discover radical histories on their own by and large.

  3. Phil F says:

    The problem is that capitalism is *really, really* good at being exclusive of sections of oppressed communities. If you consent to the inclusion you get treated fine but if you remain unbought you can expect to continue to be on the receiving end.

    In my mind, there is a huge difference between the old (and rather shortlived) gay liberation movement – which was a freedom movement and an anti-capitalist movement – and the gay community, which is a kiss-arse bunch of people who, in political terms, are thoroughly bourgeoisified and love taking selfies with people like John Key and whoever happens to be leader of the Labour Party.

    The whole gay community thing is a misnomer. Such a community doesn’t really exist because there are separate class interests involved and these come out, as it were, around things like Pride, which is essentially a commodification of aspects of the gay experience and has nothing to do with radical politics of any kind. The class divisions in this imagined community express themselves in different forms, one of which is what was revealed by the protest (and response to it) at this year’s Pride (as per the article you link to).

    In Sydney the first Pride back about 1977 was violently attacked by the cops; for some years now the cops march in the Mardi Gras in uniform, part of the rich tapestry of diversity bullshit. An autonomist lesbian I used to be acquainted with – she wrote sometimes for ‘revolution’ magazine – told me she and her partner used to leave town at Mardi Gras weekend, they just couldn’t stomach the whole thing.

    What is needed is a *liberation movement* again, to finish off the job begun at Stonewall. Such a movement, however, would have to confront the politically bankrupt “leaders” of the fake “gay community” as well as the state.


    • Thomas R says:

      Basically it’s not too surprising that the young woman getting her arm broken was also trans and Maori. Capitalism can be accepting of certain sections of communities, like you say, but I suspect it still follows a sort of hierarchical ‘who’s easiest to assimilate’ line from times where those attitudes were more overt. Just feel keeping colonialism, racism and transphobia in the conversation, and how that plays out in the prison system here, is a good idea – particularly since this was a large part of the motivation for the protest after all

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