PFLP on outcome of Israeli elections

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Although the far-right elements of Zionism are very fascist-like, we tend to avoid characterising Israel as ‘fascist’.  We understand why left-wing Palestinians see it that way, but we don’t think it’s an accurate or helpful description of Israeli society.  Nevertheless, as partisans of the Palestinian liberation struggle and especially its left-wing elements, we’re running the statement below:

PFLP statement, March 18:

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine stated that the results of the Israeli election simply reflect the nature and structure of the racist, fascist Zionist society that produced these results and elected the Likud Party and its right-wing allies, who engaged in the most open and extreme anti-Palestinian attacks on our people and their rights throughout the campaign.

The growth of overt extremism and racism in the Zionist society and the climate of fascism is only fueled by the failure of Palestinian and Arab officialdom to confront the occupation state, as well as the international imperialist powers who provide cover for its crimes and rampant violations of international law and preserve its immunity and impunity from accountability or prosecution.

The Front emphasized that confronting Zionist extremism and responding to these elections requires a clear and decisive Palestinian policy that casts aside the illusions of reliance on futile negotiations, and instead builds a unified national strategy to confront the enemy and struggle for the full rights of oue people, based on our strategic path of resistance to build on all achievements.

The Front demanded the immediate implementation of the Palestinian Central Council resolutions passed at its last session, to disengage with the occupation state and its officials, first and foremost, ending security coordination and rejecting the path of the Oslo Accords which have been so destructive for the Palestinian people, and to end the Palestinian internal division through a serious project of national unity based on a unified program and the rebuilding of the PLO through elected, democratic institutions embracing all Palestinian forces, and following up to seek prosecution of the leaders of the Zionist state in the International Criminal Court.

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  1. RDS says:

    The above could have been written about any Israeli election. Why no mention of the Palestinian socialist-led progressive bloc that came in third place?

  2. Admin says:

    You’d have to ask the PFLP that, It’s their statement, we simply put it up. If we write about the Israeli election ourselves, we likely would be mentioning them. In any case, thanks for the link to them.