Imperialism and the Middle East

Posted: March 15, 2015 by Admin in Imperialism and anti-imperialism, Middle East

images2015 is turning out to be another 12 months of bloody Western intervention in the Middle East, with all the death and destruction that entails, and a kind of perverse ‘payback’ on Western civilians by fundamentalist Islamists, as evidenced in the killings at Charlie Hebdo.

Below are some of the main feature pieces we’ve run on how imperialism has plundered and oppressed the Middle East and how this has, among other things, created the kind of Islamic fundamentalism espoused by Al Qaeda and ISIS and others.

imagesFrom the Crusades to 2000: western powers plunder and strangle the Middle East (article from 2000, but still highly relevant)

The never-ending ever-expanding war

The war for the Middle East

Iraq-Syria: the making of a catastrophe

Syria: background to the conflict

The Syrian dilemma

Iraq – a powder keg stoked and primed by imperialist power games

A Middle East countriesIraq: a disaster waiting to happen

What’s tearing Iraq apart?

The origins, economics and politics of the Islamic State

How Washington created Osama bin Laden

Fear of fundamentalism

Sanctions and bombs: how the UN and western powers committed mass murder in Iraq before 2003 

Explaining Wahhabism and Salafism

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