We’ve updated our 2012 article on low pay, longer hours and less social mobility to include material on zero-hour contracts.  See: Low pay, longer hours and less social mobility: welcome to 21st century New Zealand capitalism

There are also some very good pieces about zero-hours contracts and the fast food industry over on The Wireless:

Stacey Knott’s Fast food and low wages

Megan Whelan’s Zero tolerance for zero hours

Megan Whelan also looks at the impact of the government’s new workplace laws: Storm in a tea break

Elle Hunt looks at unpaid internships: ‘A messy area’ of the law

On Redline, check out our pieces on Information technology and the rise of New Zealand’s modern servant class and Bending over backwards: New Zealand’s temp economy and capital’s growing need for ‘flexible labour’

The campaign against zero-hours contracts is being spearheaded by Unite Union.  The union’s website has frequent coverage of the campaign and stories about workers affected by these horrendous contracts.  Check  out: http://www.unite.org.nz/

For an excellent Marxist dissection of low pay and casualised labour, see The political economy of low-wage labour.


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