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Sending NZ troops to Iraq "not an easy decision", but Key is still OK about bathing in blood of the peoples of the Middle East
Sending NZ troops to Iraq “not an easy decision”, but Key is still OK about bathing in the blood of the peoples of the Middle East

by Don Franks

The war pigs’ war drums beat again and, having heard them several times before and not liking their ugly sound, even from a relatively safe distance, I wish there was an easy solution.

It would be really nice to believe there was an accessible political alternative.  An alternative you only had to vote for.

Even if you had to wait a while, just so long as you confidently knew that in time your boat would surely come into harbour and everything would come right.

If you could, say, have faith in Labour as a real political alternative to imperialist war.

Labour leader Andrew Little told Breakfast TV he saw no point in sending a small contingent, possibly up to 100 troops, to contribute because Iraq needed more than just military assistance.

“What is equally important is stuff that is going to help Iraq as a nation and state to get on its own two feet,” he said. “I don’t know why it is that we’re just going down the track of military assistance and not the civilian reconstruction assistance, which is equally important.”

The word here is “equally”.

Labour’s leader has no principled objection to sending military contingents, they’re “equally important” to sorting something out.

And no objection to the consequences of foreign military actions, because Andrew Little is also on record as supporting air strikes in the region. Air strikes, aimed at ISIS, killing whatever other men, women and kids who were in the area.

The war drums are beating and we need to remember that last time it was a Labour-Alliance government who beat them.

There is no easy solution. John Key is an arsehole. Placed in identical circumstances, Andrew Little would do exactly the same as Key.

If we don’t want endless war drum repeats it’s time to think outside the square.

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