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jewish-dissent-jewish-repression-300 (1)Israeli intransigence seems to be increasingly undermining those supporting a two-state ‘solution’ to the Palestinian liberation struggle.

However, there are also differences among those who oppose the existence of Israel.  One of the most interesting debates has been between two Marxists in Britain with long records of organising in support of the Palestinian cause and against the Israeli state: Moshe Machover, a veteran Israeli Marxist and a founder of the Israeli Socialist Organisation (ISO) in the early 1960s, and Tony Greenstein, a longtime solidarity activist and veteran working class fighter.

We’ve run some of the material from this (fairly comradely) ongoing debate on Redline.

Here’s Tony’s main piece: Israel, Palestine: the one-state solution and the issue of Israeli-Jewish nationhood

Here’s a couple of interesting pieces by Moshe about the problems Zionism is having:

Zionism’s ongoing quest for legitimacy

Does Israel have a future?

We also have a much larger selection of articles on Palestine at

and a substantial number of articles on the PFLP:

(Obviously many articles turn up in all three – our Israel, Palestine and PFLP – categories)

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